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Ferrari 550 Barchetta Softtop on order

This softtop converts your open Barchetta to a wonderful sports car you can use every day.

No necessity to lose the originality of your Ferrari. You can get shelter from sun, wind and rain and keep the luggage space. Enjoy this Italian beauty. Please find more information here or visit the shop.

Automotive pictures for car lovers

Car lovers will be captivated by these emotional pictures. Not only showing the reality but catching the feeling of morning dew on the racetrack. See the picture and smell the oil of vintage car legends.

Our photos are digital worked over and will be printed at gallery standard on a material you choose. Please browse through our art section

Blog automotive events

In case you are interested in special and vintage cars have a look into our blog. After visiting automotive events like "Mille Miglia" or the "Festival of Speed" we post our impressions here.

About us - company portraits

About us shows our business background and the highlights. There is Michalak Conciso with its aluminium body. Michalak Cocoon tells the close business relationship to Chrysler.

Michalak Corsaspider, was in 1983 the first small series vonvertible with a foldable hard top.


If there are still questions or can we do anything for you, please feel free get in contact with us. Due to not having regular opening hours Email is the best choice.